Our mission is to help businesses of all sizes reach and engage their customers through effective digital marketing strategies and essential e-commerce services.

Our Workflow

Essential E-Commerce Services

Our Services

Business Development

We believe that we can help your Amazon, Etsy & eBay online business achieve success by not only offering our expertise in planning and attention to detail, but also by maintaining strong ethical values. In addition to helping your business grow, we also aim to empower you with strategies for cost-benefit growth and build a long-term, positive reputation for your business.

Digital Marketing

Our team of professionals is dedicated to digital and analytical approaches that will give you a significant advantage over your competitors. With our expertise CresZak can help in consumer insights, sales and marketing funnels, digital innovations, Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Search engine optimization (SEO), Social media marketing, Email marketing, Content marketing, Video marketing, Analytics and reporting.

Website Development

We will create a user-friendly and mobile-responsive website for your business. Our expert web developers and designers can provide you with a top-quality e-commerce storefront or a well-designed Word Press lead generating website. With well-planned information architecture and effective navigation features, our websites are professionally created and maintained. Our services includes Website theme development, customization, plugins development, migration, hosting, maintenance and updates, Online Payments, SEO, training, CRM social media integration, analytics and reporting.


Product Photography

Our photo and video specialists create beautiful and striking images and videos by combining compelling composition and stunning perspective. These captivating photos and videos are designed to attract attention and serve the needs of our clients in an effective and appealing way. Our services includes Product photography, videography, Image editing and retouching, Product styling, 360-degree photography, Ghost mannequin photography, cutout images, Packaging photography, Product video production, Analytics and reporting.


Customer reviews

“Creszak provides reliable and helpful services. They helped me to find clients through Facebook and Instagram.”

Jayden F.


“Their visibility and transparency were appealing surely different from other services. I would definitely encourage any person interested in E-commerce to give Creszak a go. I ordered a website with a stripe payment system which they integrated with my bank and multiple forms for my customers“

Nicole S.


“Their strategic plans, effective reporting, and promising results compelled me to say that I would work with them again in the future. I am an Etsy seller they gave me a good rate for my product photography and created a store banner for me.”

Mike G.